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Luftwaffe Aviation History

By Dr. David Myhra

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Varyag #3 - Its 2nd Set Of Sea Trials As Seen By A DigitalGlobe Inc. Satellite 280 Miles Above Earth

For more information, please visit "" .Images of the Chinese "Varyag" former incomplete USSR aircraft carrying destroyer on its 2nd sea trial as photographed at high sp...

Varyag (2) - China's Retro Mod Of An Ex-Soviet Aircraft Carrier Project & Initial Sea Trials Started

Attached are 45 images of China's retro modified former aicraft carrying destroyer Varyag - a 1980 era 70 percent completed ship now a 2011 state-of-art defensive and offensive weapons system. A real ...

J-20 - China's Stealth,Thrust Vectoring, All-Moving Canard/Twin Tail, Supersonic Smart Bomb Cruiser

All images of the long-secret radar evading J-20 (J-XX) with mid-air refueling and smart missile capable flying machine featured here are courtesy of and The J-20 made...

(serial number 2001) made its first test flight on Tuesday 11 January 2011. It lasted 18 minutes. My observations on this historic event: The Chinese J-20 appears to be more of a high flying long range fighter than a typical bomber. It seems to be optimized for fast, high-altitude interception perhaps using ultra guided long-range missiles and smart bombs (such as satellite/inertial guided bombs) as opposed to close in dog-fighting. The J-20's shape is a forward canard/delta -winged configured prototype (perhaps, even a proof of concept) flying machine featuring a robust stealth shaping shape. Photos, released by the very proud Chinese, show that it is painted all black so one can't tell yet if it has radar absorbing coatings to reduce its radar cross section (RCS). Further more, its all black paint job also disguises which parts of the aircraft are metal and which are composite material. However, its blended and angular exterior, the forward canard, and twin inward angled all-moving vertical stabilizers (like America's current twin engine Lockheed F-22 "Raptor) are designed with stealth in mind. However, its twin air intakes feature pretty much standard openings reminiscence of past Russian designs and do not appear "yet" to offer any stealthiness to either electromagnetic energy and other sensors such as infra-red. We can't tell at the moment if its jet engines are the new WS-15s and/or are China's state-of-the-art "supersonic, super cruise" capable. China's J-XX may have flown the other day with proven WS-10 jet engines. For example, photos of the jet engine exhaust cones (petals) do not appear to offer a vectored thrust capability giving the aircraft more maneuverability for what is a huge a flying machine over 75 feet in length. Forward canards suggest that the air frame is not as maneuverable as designers wish or their long range goal. But then again, the canard/delta configuration does provide sufficient agility for a high flying super cruising machine carrying air-to-air missiles and smart bombs when fitted with engines of sufficient thrust. Photos, at the moment, show two different exhaust nozzles, too, one photo showing silver tips and another photo featuring black tips. Critics world-wide claim that all these photos made public by the China Defense Ministry may have been "photo-shopped" of a full-scale wooded mock-up. China's Defense Ministry bitterly countered the critics saying that the J-20's first flight: "contrary to the naysayers and their theory of the J-20 being just a scale wooden mock-up is now ruled out." If the J-20 is the real deal, then we must agree with one individual who said what we have here is that it says a lot about China's ability to have mastered some of the most extraordinary, innovative technology needed to develop, build , and test fly a 21st Century stealth capable super cruiser capable flying machine of such a huge size. The real deal? A game changer? If so, it might take up to a decade or more to get it fully operational. Or would it take that long given how quickly Chinese aviation designers and engineers developed their possible stealth supercharging flying machine? Looking into the future, at this time when the glass is still dim, there is very little air defense which can effectively hold back a fleet of mature long-range super cruising stealth fighter/bombers whose sole purpose would be to attack and destroy aerial and surface targets. More comments to come. D.O. "Doc" Myhra. ([email protected])

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