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Luftwaffe Aviation History

By Dr. David Myhra

Luftwaffe Aviation and author/historian Dr. "Doc" David O. Myhra are committed to providing modern imagery and accurate historical information about current Stealth Aircraft and designs and German aircraft and proposed designs from the World War II era in history

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  • Dr. David Olaf Myhra, PhD, author and historian, was born and raised in southeastern North Dakota.
  • Dr. Myhra's father was born in Norway and his mother came from eastern Hungary.
  • His father had a construction business building farm buildings such as dairy barns, cattle barns, pole barns, grain silos and grain elevators.
  • When Dr. Myhra was just ten years old he met and talked at length with a former high official of the Nazi German Air Ministry (RLM). The official was spending the summer with relatives on a eastern North Dakota farm where his father was constructing a dairy barn. This chance meeting started him on a sixty year mission to learn more about proposed RLM jet powered fighters and bombers. It was also the start of Dr. Myhra's collection of research documents, drawings and photos of German aircraft and their designers, he currently has approximately 40,000 photos, images and drawings of German aircraft, which is perhaps the largest private collection in the world. He also has several thousand color computer-generated digital images of German warplanes, proposed variations, proposed aircraft, and AVI files.

  • Dr. Myhra attended a Roman Catholic grade school and had a public high school education. In high school he drove a highly customized, lowered, performance enhanced and purple-painted ‘49 Mercury two door sedan.
  • Dr. Myhra is a graduate of Princeton University.
  • He was also a member of the U.S. Maine Corps (Naval Air Intelligence) during the Viet Nam era - operating primarily out of Bangkok, Thailand seeking to recover remains of U.S. pilots shot down over Viet Nam’s DMZ, Cambodia and Laos. He recalls being one of the first to see up close a super secret ultra high altitude flying Lockheed SR 71 “when one made a “wheels up” landing in a rice paddy outside of Bangkok in the early 1970s after missing its refueling rendezvous. Just a few people knew these spy planes even existed at the time.
  • Dr. Myhra had the pleasure of marrying his college-era sweetheart in the late 1960s - Julie Marie Sercl. He has been happily married for 46 years with two as-yet unmarried daughters.
  • He is a Rockefeller Foundation Fellow.
  • He was a Senior Scientist with General Electric Company’s former Missile & Space Division and was involved in NASA’s Apollo program Saturn 5 “Moon Rocket.”
  • He also worked with the Mitre Corporation, a Washington, D.C. based think tank dealing with “what if” questions for the military.
  • Dr. Myhra has written more books (30+) on World War Two German flying machines and their designers than anyone living or dead. He has interviewed dozens of former German aviation designers and gas turbine and rocket scientists throughout the 1980s in places such as West Germany, East Germany, France, the USA, South America and other countries.
  • Dr. Myhra was also involved in the production of numerous TV documentaries such as the History Channel’s 2005 “Nazi Plan To Bomb New York” and the National Geographic TV Channel’s 2009 documentary “Hitler’s Stealth Fighter.” ( This featured the building of a full-scale replica of the Horten Ho 229 V3 by the Northrop Corporation and its radar cross section (RCS) testing at their classified radar test range in the California Mojave Desert.)

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